Artistic Approach of Isabelle Malo

Artistic Approach

My artistic approach comes from my training as a designer.

This is by a development of the perspective I create space and defying conventional rules, in order to work in an induced perspective.

Research in color is essential for me, extremes in the spectrum I like, is enhanced by unique lighting concepts.

My work looks like a work that is “structured” in its “lack of structure”, matter is more or less blurred, diluted, even evanescent, playing with their transparency to “project” a thought or dreamed interiority, which reveals the essence, the inner work focused towards the intellectual, juxtaposing different ways of observing the realities of the world.

I seek balance in all aspects of my art, time no longer counts, so when I create, I apply myself and my spatula follows the essence of my most secret thoughts of the moment or the all my moments of happiness to achieve, which makes my work unique items.

Each painting reveals its beauty since equilibrium is reached.