Biancoscuro Art Magazine

Isabelle Malo, painter, is published on page 80 and 81 of magazine BIANCOSCURO #12 (October-November 2015) translated from italian:

“Isabelle Malo is a young Canadian artist, teacher of “Multimedia and animation film” who creates her works of art in Quebec. Her artistic approach origin of its university education as a designer, her is awarded a diploma in fact in industrial design in Montreal and continues to design in the context of interior design. Isabelle has in the way of thinking of that of a designer, the intrigue of thoughts to create with regard to the material and the environment, research and development of perspective in order to create space, by defying the conventional rules. By experimenting and evolving, she has structured her technique, which she quickly adapted during the creation of great works, revealing traces of temporary design with elements almost to defy our sixth sense. The research of color is essential for Isabelle Malo, it leads to the extreme of the spectrum, enriching it with unique lighting concepts. Her works are presented as structured, despite the total lack of structure in the scene represented. Painting by Isabelle is allusive, with figures of insertions and real-world objects in an abstract setting.
Representing dream worlds, almost torn dreams, and playing with transparency, it creates the illusion of psychedelic experiences, rich in symbolism. We can see and admire her work, with new ways of seeing the real world, we can immerse ourselves in a mysterious atmosphere imagined by the artist. By creating the wonder of the beholder, and forcing him to use his imagination to find possible solutions “rational” for the scenes she represents, that creativity develops.”